BE 600 LED


The BE 600 LED series is the superlative of the BE 300 LED series,  including spacious designed industrial printers for medium and large businesses, which provide a unique printing experience. The series includes the BE 605 LED, BE 630 LED and BE 650 LED. The numbers 05, 30 and 50 indicate the maximum adjustable printing height of the machine in cm.

One of the printers in the series is the BE 630 LED. The BE 630 LED is an A2 flatbed printer with spacious storage in its solid, stabilized chassis. The printer uses only one print table with built-in vacuum system and has a customized print bridge  for automated, up to 0.01 mm accurate, cascading height adjustment up to 30 cm,  powered by 2 servo motors including own PLC. Because of the even larger flatbed, the printer reaches a higher speed.

The printer has 4 printheads with variable dot size for printing CMYK and WHITE together, in one printing movement. The printer delivers its fine print with a resolution up to 1800 x 1800 dpi. The BE 600 LED series has 8 ink slots and is compatible with a variety of rigid and flexible UV inks which provide good adhesion to various materials. Several primer and coating facilities complete the unsurpassed picture.

The BE 630 LED uses UV LED curing, making sure the underlying materials are not heated. A special built-in ionization bar blows anti static air over the product to clean the product, avoiding printing problems due to static electricity. Furthermore, the printer is equipped with extra built-in safety sensors to prevent printing crashes. On top of this all, the series can be integrated in an automated way into an industrial production line which increases its application possibilities even more.

The BE 600 LED series provides an excellent balance between price and quality, because of its unique characteristics which reduce time and cost, which makes the series a very valuable addition to your business processes.