03 jan 2020

Corona Pre-treatment System

The high voltage generator SIJET 351 is designed for the pre-treatment of plastic surfaces, to improve the adhesion of printing inks, paints or glues.

A symmetric high voltage discharge, which is blown out of the electrode by an air stream, is used for a successful treatment of very different plastic surfaces.

It is applied in plastic industries for the pre-treatment of all kind of profiles after the extrusion process and moulded parts. A further field of application is the cup and tube printing process, if an inner treatment with Corona is unrequested.

The unit also provides a powerful pre-treatment for all kind of pad printing applications.

The present unit is applicable for all pre-treatment processes in which, depending on the material, a max. treatment speed of 10m/min could be reached.

The unit can be used in production processes in manually or automatically controlled operation.

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